Spin Tansy's Boy

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"You get to feel Tansy’s lambs’ fibre and enjoy how Torfall & her compliment one another. Shockingly the last few lambing’s she has provided us with some dark lambs compared to her white! Tansy’s ram lamb left our flock in the fall, but he was a handsome one and here you get to admire what he had to offer and see it carried on through in his sister! Shetland-Icelandic-BFL-Gotland in these two lambs.

" - Sierra, the Crocus Contry Shepherdess

A) You will receive 25g of Roo's pin drafted roving, so you will need to add multiples of this listing to add to the total of weight you want.

B) What is Pin Drafted roving? Roving that has been put through an additional preparation step to make the fibres in the roving more aligned than they currently are in the roving. Pin drafting is an in between step, between roving, where the fibres are going in multiple directions, and top, where the fibers are parallel and flowing in one direction.

C) This fibre was fully processed at Wellington Fibre mill in Ontario, Canada.

Some VM present, but very minimal.