Hi! I'm Brittany, the the dyer and spinner of Crux Fibres.


I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, in Canada's far North where I am continually amazed by its wild and great landscapes.

I've lived here all my life, except for 6 years abroad in England, South Wales and Turkey.


I have always been a creative person, finding artistic expression through many outlets including knitting, crochet and yarn spinning.

While there are many colourways of yarn available out there, I realized that I wanted to create some beautiful hand-dyed yarn for myself.

While on maternity leave in 2019 I was looking for something to brighten up my days a little more that the cute little smiles, adorable laughs and all the snuggles my wonderful children bring to me.

What began as a personal hobby exploring the amazing spectrum of colours yarn can be dyed, suddenly became a business. 
I started selling locally to our Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store and to my friends.
Today, the art of dyeing yarn has become a great avenue to continue my creative expression.

I have also been spinning yarn personally for myself for the past 3 years and will have fibre for spinners available on occasion.

Playing with professional dyes and quality yarn is a real challenge, but once you get over that crux, that difficult learning curve, and start to see the complimentary dance in the water between colour and technique, a truly beautiful thing happens. A tapestry of colour emerges with depths and values that please the eye and warm the heart.

My own personality is full of determination and I push myself to excel and do things well, and this, I believe, is revealed in my yarn and fibres.

If you love what you find here, and if you happen to snag some of my yarny goodness, please tag me in Instagram and do your Ravelry magic.