Low Mileage Wool

What is it? And why does it matter?

I care deeply about where my wool comes from and how the wool is handled.

This all began a few years ago with Shepherdess Sierra of @crocuscountryshepherdess on Instagram.

I was given a Gotland X lambs fleece by the name of Nora from my friend Heidi, who is friends with Sierra.

Pretty quickly and motivated I hand processed all the wool, hand spun it into yarn and finally knit it all into a sweater. 

I fell in love with this wool and wanted more of it, and most importantly, wanted others to have it as well. It's silky, soft and lustrous with romantic drape that holds a physical weight that just envelops you like a hug.

My desire to support my friend and her family blossomed.
I fell in love with Sierra's gorgeous flock and their fibre. It is a flock with Gotland cross BFL bloodlines with the occasional Icelandic and Dorset traces. 

I have also worked with many other fibres from around Canada and endeavour to source them as options in my shop whether that be in blended batts, dyed fibres or as of late, custom spun yarns. 

I have fleeces at mills throughout the year, and other offerings in the works for the near future.

This is not a fast process here in Canada. Mills are sparse and nowhere near me. Wait times can be 6 + months. 

A little while ago, I brought forward the idea of spinning or crafting a flock with me. This is what I plan to have offered in a limited quantity as it is fleece specific. Meaning, you will spin from one fleece or more or you will craft with yarn from 1 or more sheep.

I hope you will journey together with me in an effort to help boost Canada's wool industry and be a part of a sustainable option.

Will it solve a global climate change? NO. But it is something you can do. Something that is meaningful and intentional. You know where the product came from and how loved the sheep are.

Change has to start somewhere, and I'm so happy to be a part of it in this way.

Low Mileage Wool is a traceable and 100% Canadian Grown and Milled yarn line and or spinning fibre exclusively that I have invested in. It is not chemically treated to remove vegetable matter or to make it machine washable, aka superwashed. 

There are some incredible initiatives other farmers and makers are delving into with regard to the value and importance of wool. I encourage you to ask what they may be.

And if you know of any, please email to inform me of them.