Spin A Flock with me

Spin a flock with me is an opportunity for you to learn with others and myself the joys of spinning from specific sheep, each with their own fibre characteristics. Once you receive your fibres, you are welcome to do with them as you wish. 

You may want to blend the fibres together or with fibre from your own stash! Or spin them as is. The sky is the limit. 

Now the flock! Where is it? Whose is it? 'Cause it certainly is not mine. 

Shepherdess Sierra Crocus Country Shepherdess is located in Caroline, Alberta Canada. She's a big hearted and hard working friend who cares a lot about her flock, their health and fibre quality.
The flock is a variety of Gotland cross breeds which include predominantly BFL bloodlines and some Icelandic and Dorset bloodlines. 

"Nora" is 70.25% Gotland 29.75% BFL - Staple length 2-4 inches
Mature Ewe - This fibre should not be over spun. Pre-draft your fibre well.
Nora is a gentle and kind Ewe and has proven to be a loving mother to her first Lamb Jones.

"Torfall" 61% BFL 39 %Gotland - Staple length 2-4 inches
A mature Ram - Higher crimp, can withstand more twist - Medium to dark grey in colour.
Torfall is now a Sire to the Ewe's and is a kind, but shy Ram. He is the father to Jones and Roo and the Tansy twins of this year's Spin A Flock.

Joining us as well is Torfall's fathers wool "Grimm" who sadly passed not long ago, but we will honour him with his wool which is lustrous, soft and with lovely elasticity.

"Tansy" 100% Icelandic - Staple length 3-5 inches
Mature Ewe - Spin Lopi or lower twist singles for plying. - A creamy tone fibre and a fairly soft fibre for being rustic.
Tansy is a really kind Ewe who has just had her first Ewe lamb. So Sierra is quite excited to see future lambs from that blood line.  

"Tansy Twins" 50% Icelandic 50% Gotland BFL - Staple length 3-5 inches. Fibre Wethers from 2021 - Spin Lopi, or a plied yarn. Should not be over spun - Has lots of luster.
The Twins were fibre wethers, and vary each year. This year we have Tess and her Twin. We also have a Tansy Fibre wether from 2020 to spin is so far my favourite this year. 

"Rose" Dorset X (percentages unknown) - Staple length 2-3 inches
Mature Ewe - Lots of crimp can take a good amount of twist, but she's beautiful if kept nice and airy. Worsted draft for a smooth and lustrous yarn or woolen for that airy lightness.
Rose as well is another gentle Ewe who lambed for the first time this year. So you can now spin "Roo's" wool!