Sourdough Starter

This is 5g of dehydrated sourdough starter from my original starter.
Yoda my starter is quite active and happy especially when it’s got a good feeding schedule.

Start your adventures with sourdough easily without all the hassle and waste. Enjoy making pancakes, scones or pizza. Easily google recipes. Graduate to bread baking when you are familiar with identifying when your starter reaches its peak after a feed and it’s strength from frequent feedings.

Included with the starter is instructions on how to re-hydrate the starter for baking.

This starter is fed 90% white bread flour and 10% rye flour.


No nuts, seeds or dairy come in contact with the starter however I cannot guarantee it as it is maintained in my home where we do eat those things. I do ensure to always have a clean surface and utensils when handling and preparing the starter for dehydration.

I will not issue a refund for any unsuccessful re-hydration as it is always subjective to the handlers care to following hydration instructions.

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**Sourdough by Sarah Owens (not sponsored or endorsed) also found on Amazon

Recommended You Tube tutorials: For how to build your starter to reach max strength for baking bread.

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