What the Crux #1

Let's find out if I can be that blogger person.

I often have a lot of thoughts and reflections, so maybe this is a good place to put them. I'm always quite surprised I can even get my thoughts out because they have a lot of wandering trails.

I mean, I've always enjoyed reading blog posts in my life time and I feel like they've sort of fallen off the radar!

Let's see here. So we are nearing December of 2021 and a lot has changed in life. Change that has become normal, but there are some things that have changed in my fibre artist journey.

1. I've become a much more confident knitter and spinner, gaining new knowledge and techniques.

2. My sourdough baking is pretty solid and I never have floppy bakes anymore.

Ok, ok, so there's a lot more changes than those 2 points but there are ones that are significant. Don't tell me sourdough is not a fiber art! There's some pretty impressive things you can do with bread.

Anyways, I think that's all I want to say right now. 

I'd love to know if you'd like for me to expand on any of these topics? and if there's anything within them that you'd like to learn from.

I specifically have learned a lot of new techniques, interesting things about specific fibre types and methods. 

So ya! Thanks for stopping by. 



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