The way of water

I'm sure you've all mostly seen the James Cameron films of Avatar!

I actually had to google who wrote the film so I could sound smart! ha!

I have loved the films for some time. It has a powerful storyline and certainly is full of hope and wonder. 

The colours, and the mastery behind developing a visualisation of a world first experienced in some guys mind is quite something. My mind is boggled by the technology that exists to produce such entertainment. 

Let's pivot.

I chose to draw out some of the colours in the film for inspiration. 

I have been enjoying dyeing on a Silk Linen Sport base for more than a year now. I've come up with a colour collection I'm calle "The way of water" named after the second Avatar film. From left to right Pitcher, Banshee of paradise, The way of water, Woodsprite, Avatar, Tree of voices.

Now, you may not be someone who gravitates towards a sport base yarn, however, this specific yarn knits up into a fingering weight gauge. And surprisingly, you need less yarn than you think. Plus, it's not too thin or too thick. It's also very gentle on the hands. 

The fabric tends to grow over time. So while I usually fit a size large to XL, I can actually get away with knitting a size medium tang top with 2 skeins, AND get a decent sized shawl, also out of just 2 skeins. 

While you work with this yarn, some of the silk will be found on your lap, but rest assured once your finished object is wet block, iòt no longer sheds. 

I have had to be mindful of which bras I wear underneath my tang tops, as any rough texture causes the inside of my tang top to pill. So if you care about that, be mindful!

If you have already had a chance to try this yarn out, I would love to see any objects you have made or are working on, and if you haven't, I hope you will give it a go!


Lastly, I wanted to touch on something a bit personal, so if that isn't for you I will catch ya later my friend!

This year has bee a great challenge for me. I have been discovering more and more how fear and shame have been ingrained in my motivations. I thought I was a vulnerable person, in a good way, but actually, I was just hiding the parts I was afraid to show for fear of judgement.

For example: I put myself down by saying I'm not good enough, or the work I put out there isn't good enough. Someone does it better. No one likes me. 

Of course, I know that is not all true. No one is uniquely creative like me. No one is like me. That's the crux, that's the beautiful part! We are all creating beautiful things with the use of our time. We all add beauty to each other collectively.

I'll keep it short, but after a good long break and time to just heal a bit and find ways to kick the gremlins in my head away, I feel stronger and more confident. I want courage and to believe that I am good, that my worth is not defined by who talks about my artistry, or seeks my acceptance or friendship.

I want to keep growing, to keep doing what makes me happy without the fears and the shame. I want to be authentically me.

At my desk I keep pictures that remind me of what brings me joy. One is of a picture of a jar that Eden from Crafting Kraken Maid painted. She wrote" "May your days be filled with sunshine & may your nights be filled with stars." I love that. A little piece from someone's gentle heart that helps me put a hand on my heart and remind little inner Brittany that she's precious.


Every day, is like that magical Avatar movie. A field of wonder by day and night. A dance of creations filled with life. 

It feels like we are only here for a moment on this earth, and I hope to make my moment shine with inspiration and wonder. I hope that through my choices in loving God, loving people, never giving up; in being grateful and always doing the right thing will cultivate a space for others to do the same and even greater. 

So my friends, thank you for reading this far. I love you. Don't forget to just be, You!


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