Inspired by Ellen KAL

I decided to join the many many people in the Inspired by Ellen KAL hosted by Loretta, Natalja, Carmen and Jackie (each who host their own respective podcasts and who are patreon's of Höner Och Eir, like myself).

I chose to knit a hat, since my upcoming fibre festivals and samples are taking priority in my knitting right now. However, I did not use my own yarn. I used Nutiden stash.

I chose the colour Ra (MC) and and Orange (CC) from last years May collection (Forgive the lack of punctuations on the Swedish names).

So here are my specs in case you would like to knit this hat yourself.

***Please note that this pattern has NOT been tested***

This is a double brimmed hat, featuring a Latvian braid. I have used 2 stranded colourwork and purl bumps for texture within the colourwork chart. The motif of this pattern I used from a book I have purchased called "Knitting in the Nordic Tradition" from page 51 and I have created my own chart with my own decreases.

NOT Blocked
Gauge 19sts 34 rows on Smallest needles for the Brim
Gauge 22sts 28 rows on Larger needles in colourwork

Final measurement not blocked 22" circumference and 8.5" depth from brim to crown tip.

You will need:

2 strands of Nutiden held together (Colourways: Rå MC, Vårflod CC)

or DK to Light Worsted weight yarns, preferably untreated and woolly.

Darning needle

I used My chiagoo needles:
5US - 3.75mm DPN or 16" circular needle for magic loop
6US - 4mm DPN or 16" circular needle for magic loop


On 3.75 DPN or circular needles I casted on 104sts using the German twisted long tail cast on. Then I placed a BOR and joined to knit in the round.

K 20 rounds (2.5 inch depth)
Purl 1 round
Knit 19 rounds

I joined my live stitches to my cast on edge by knitting together a live stitch with the cast on edge. I repeated this the whole way around all the way around back to my BOR. Your brim should be 2.5" in depth.
104 sts


Switch to US6 - 4mm needles

K 1 round and increase 4 stitches evenly.
4 sts in (108 sts total)

Knit a Latvian braid using your MC and CC

A Latvian braid is cleverly constructed colourwork by using purl stitches and holding your yarn in the front.
This video will instruct you not to un-twist your yarns as you make the braid. And it's important to follow that direction.

Once you've completed the braid, proceed to the chart. You may wish to use stitch markers after each pattern repeat to help keep you on track with the chart.

Weave a long tail through your remaining live stitches and pull it tight. 

You do you and weave in your ends if you would like to.

If you knit this hat please tag my on social media! I would love to see it, and if you have made modifications, I'd love to know as well!



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