Spin A Flock 2023

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***Please only purchase one Spin A Flock so others can enjoy in the experience. If you wish to have more fibre, please see the overflow listings from other fleeces 

Spin a Flock is a crossbreed study pertaining to a single flock. The breeds present in the flock are Gotland, BFL, Dorset, Icelandic and Shetland.
I have chosen the OG fleeces from the original Spin A Flock, along with some of their ewe and ram lambs. So you will experience a variety of fibre types and lengths from the past few generations.

A) Each Spin A Flock will contain 25g hanks from each fleece, totalling 300g of fibre. There's more fibre this year. You will also receive a print out describing each sheep. 

B) The fibre was fully processed at Wellington Fibre mill in Ontario, Canada.
C) If you wish to have more of some of the fleeces, overflow from specific fleeces will be available as separate listings.

Some VM present, but very minimal.