Low Mileage Wool - Gotland/BFL X - Marled DK - 2ply

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This beautiful DK spun yarn is sourced from a single flock in Caroline, Alberta. 

The Shepherdess is a friend going a few years back. I have since hand processed and spun multiple fleeces from the same flock. I use the fibres for blending in batts which I often offer here at Crux. 

This is a 2ply constructed yarn with a low twist to ensure the yarn is airy and workable. Gotland and BFL are known as longwools and their characteristics inhibit strength, lustre and a halo. The Gotland wool yields less crimp which results in a yarn with drape.

Milled at Rosebud River Fibre Mill in Alberta, in 2022 with both 2021 and 2022 clips from Crocus Country Shepherdess.

260yds/237m to approximately 100g 

From the Sheeps: Mabel Wether, Mabel Ram, Emile

Low Mileage Wool is locally sourced with NO chemical treatments to remove any wool properties which enables it to be its best.