Larry - Rustic Fibre Batt

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This blend contains:

Approximately 100g of fibre (or more). This blend is a rustic wooly blend. It's a favourite which combines my favourites in one. Together they create a beautiful marriage of rustic and soft. With the nature of the more coarse fibres, this will feel prickly next to-skin, but through patience and wear, those pokers will work their way into the fabric you will soon create, resulting in an eventually, soft fabric.

15g "Tansy Twins" Gotland/BFL/Icelandic X from Crocus Country Shepherdess in Caroline, AB (A favourite fibre of mine, hand processed by me)
15g "Nora" Gotland/BFL X from Crocus Country Shepherdess in Caroline, AB (Also a favourite fibre of mine, hand processed by me)
25g Yukon Mixed Breed wool - hand processed by me
20g Yukon Alpaca
15g CVM - From Small Bird Workshop - Sourced in USA
20g Herwick from Cumbria, UK (Fibre gifted to me by a dear friend who lives there)

Veg Matter is to be expected, but fairly minimal. It will mostly fall out in the spinning process.

All fibres have been sourced here in Canada from small farms, several fleeces hand processed from the washing, scouring, picking and carding by me.
Sourced also from Canadian Mills or other small Canadian fibre suppliers, with the exception of occasional imported fibres.