Jock Strap Kit - Self Striping - PRE-ORDER

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Join the #jockalong June 1st to June 19th. A Fathers day light hearted make along. Choose Knitting or crochet. Maybe you can even sew! 

Join the group here on Ravelry for chat, inspiration and pattern suggestions.

You will receive a 25g self striping mini skein on my non-superwash BFL 2ply fingering base in the colour of your choice.

You will also receive in Black, White or coloured (Supply limitations):

1 yard of 2" waist elastic 
1 yard of 1" thigh elastic
1/2 yard of 1/8" elastic for the pouch 

Find your pattern here on Ravelry

Or here on Etsy

Shipment will be aimed for Friday May 20th. If your package arrives past the June 1st start date! Fear not. These jocks can be knit in a day! Trust me!