Glow - Blended Fibre Batt

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Each hand carded batt is unique every time I make them. Some blends are repeatable as far as fibre content is concerned, but they are still unique. Be sure to properly prepare your batt before spinning. Click here for a tutorial.

This blend contains:

Approximately 100g of fibre (or more). 

15g Dark Brown Alpaca and Silk from Wellington Fibre Mills, Ontario
20g Merino dyed by Akara yarns in Canada
5g BFL dyed by Emily Gillies in Canada
5g Shetland dyed by Emily Gillies in Canada
22g Tansy Twins, Black, BFL/Gotland/Icelandic X - Hand processed fleeces by myself sourced from Alberta, Canada from Crocus Country Shepherdess
25g Merino/Silk Sourced from Canada, fibre from New Zealand
Tussah Silk Dyed by Fairy Tale Wool in BC, Canada

All fibres have been sourced here in Canada from small farms, several fleeces hand processed from the washing, scouring, picking and carding by me.
Sourced also from Canadian Mills or other small Canadian fibre suppliers, with the exception of occasional imported fibres.