Felted Soap and Glass Dish

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In collaboration with Lumel Studios and Yukon Soap company.
I bring to you a wonderful offering both sustainable, durable and long lasting.

The glass is hand blown by Luanne and her crew and the Soaps are hand made by Joella Hogan. I have hand felted the soaps. Why? because as you allow the soap to become soft and spongy, the soap becomes easier to use. There will be no ooey gooey pooling of slimy soap on this gorgeous detailed glass dish. Your soap could last up to 6 months before having to compost the felt.

The felt will retain water and soap, so it's long lasting ability is attributed to the amazing anti microbial properties of natural wool.

I have felted the soap with various hand dyed fibres I source in Canada.

The soaps contain only natural ingredients and oils. 

If there is a re particular smell you are most averted by, please leave a comment at check out. The soap contains rich avocado and jojoba oils with powered kelp. Additional scent comes from lavender.

Each soap dish is one of a kind, so you will receive which ever pulls my heart strings for you.