Canadian Un-Spun Yarn

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PLEASE contact me at if you plan to purchase more than 4 plates. I will need to get toue a shipping quote as these plates are Bulky and cannot be compressed without being compromised. 

Shipping calculations are estimated high so that I don't end up losing money. If you have both unspun and yarn in your cart at checkout, your estimate WILL be higher and you will be refunded the excess at shipping. 

Approximately 200g or more and averaging 400 yards per plate or more of Un-Spun. These plates are definitely more than 200g.

Estimates on the safe side:
3 plates (Shawl)
4 plates (Sweater)

Each batch can vary in shades, so be sure to order enough for any large projects.

This is a pre-yarn. Thin drafted roving without twist. If holding 1 or more strands you can easily increase your gauge, or simply hold a single strand. With effort and patience, you can successfully work this yarn into a very lightweight and useful accessory or garment. 

I also like to hold 1 strand of the Un-Spun double with a strand Mohair or Suri Alpaca.

This Un-Spun, is a Domestic Canadian Yarn created from Virgin Wool (Lambs Wool) containing various Canadian Crossbreeds. There is small amounts of vegetable matter as well and it has a lovely sheepish smell from lanolin and spinning oils. Be sure to wash any finished objects with warm water and no agitation to ensure the lanolin is removed.

This product cannot ship via letter-mail, so please be aware that you will have to pay for a shipping calculated at checkout and I will refund overages.