Breed Sample Pack - Mini Batts or Pulled Roving

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***PLEASE READ before placing purchase***

Each hand carded batt is unique every time I make them.
Why is that?
Sections of each fleece have different qualities and staple length. Sheep fleece also change season to season, with health, environment and especially from lamb to full maturity.
Be sure to properly prepare your fibre before spinning. Click here for a tutorial.

Approximately 100g of fibre (or more). 

Great for beginners to determine spinning preferences.

You will receive an assortment of 5x 20g mini samples (batts, combed or roving) of 5 different various breeds and of colour, all Canadian sourced and mostly single flock. Occasionally an Imported breed may be available. 
Your selection may include:
Dorset and Dorset X, Gotland X, Yukon Mixed breed Wool, Alpaca, Dorset X, Icelandic, Lambs wool. Fibres may change depending on availability.

Feel free to write a note of any preferences or, of your spinning abilities.

***All fibres have been sourced here in Canada from small farms, several fleeces hand processed from the washing, scouring, picking and carding by me.
Sourced also from Canadian Mills or other small Canadian fibre suppliers, with the exception of occasional imported fibres.