Pickle 006 - Superwashed Worsted and DK

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Back when I dyed superwashed yarns I had a colourway called flamingo that just wouldn't sell. 
So what do you do with stuff like that? You over dye them and reinvent them.

These skeins were dyed pickle style, in jars with leftover dye stock and dye particles collected from my tools and tables. I did have to add a little extra additional colour for interest. 

Tho they all look similar, they are in fact one of a kind.

The Worsted weight is 100% Superwash Merino with 220 yards
The DK weight is 75% Merino and 25% Nylon with 245 yards.

Will I be dyeing more superwashed yarns in the future. No. This is actually a fairly new yarn treatment to me, and my focus has returned to untreated and as locally sourced as possible. 

However, there are several wool types like Dorset or Cheviot that are harder to felt. Once they are crafted into a fabric, they soften and transform into warm durable wearable items and should not be afraid of.