Violet Canadian Unspun

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A note about shipping: These can't be shipped via Canadian or US lettermail. They must ship as a parcel.

Approximately 200g or more and averaging 1170 yards per plate or more of Unspun. These plates are huge! HUGE! Shipping 5 is manageable. Any more becomes complex for me to work out, however I do my best. Packages will arrive compact to be able to ship at your quoted shipping cost. I will refund shipping overages, however most of the time I end up covering a few dollars.

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Each batch can vary in shades, so be sure to order enough for any large projects while it's in stock. 

The next time I restock I can't ensure they will match previous batches. 

This is a pre-yarn. Thin drafted roving without twist. If holding 1 or more strands you can easily increase your gauge, or simply hold a single strand. 

This is a sturdy yarn and it is very manageable holding just one strand. 

Holding this yarn with a strand of lace weight such as Mohair or Suri Alpaca can increase strength in your crafting. 

This is a Domestic Canadian Yarn created from Virgin Wool (Lambs Wool) containing various Canadian Crossbreeds. Occasionally MacAusland Woolen Mills will supplement their batches with wool clips just south of their border within Canada or the USA.

There is small amounts of vegetable matter as well as a lovely sheepish smell from lanolin and spinning oils. Be sure to wash any finished objects with warm water and no agitation to ensure the lanolin is removed.

This product cannot ship via letter-mail, so please be aware that you will have to pay for a shipping estimate calculated at checkout and I will refund overages or send an invoice if more shipping is to be paid.