Spin Nora

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Join together as we spin from the same flock.
Take an opportunity to spin from individual sheep with fibre hand processed by me (Brittany) and discover the joys of working with luxurious fibres.
I have taken every effort to ensure your fibre is well prepared.

Each batt has been carded 4 to 5 times on a carding cloth with 90 TPI (Tines Per Inch).

You will receive the following:

1 carded batt from Nora in Caroline, Alberta.
I have had the pleasure of processing every one of her fleeces from Crocus Country Shepherdess.

Nora - 70.25% Gotland 29.75% BFL bloodlines -Spring 2022 clip.
3-4 inch staple length. Should be spun lower twist otherwise you will have a yarn which results in the characteristics of rope. Nora is a beautiful Ewe with light grey heathered wool. Her fall fleece is lustrous and wavy curls.