Single Flock Fade

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***Only 9 Sets Available this mill run***
But feel free to create your own fade with the other yarn batches in this Mill run.

What's included:

6 skeins totalling approximately 1,698 yards. In Various weights from Fingering to Light Worsted/Heavy DK. All yarns are a 3ply construction and Semi-Worsted Spun.

This fade kit is intended for a shawl as the weights of each skein vary from Fingering to Light Worsted. The original Single Flock Fade also used varying weights of yarn and worked out perfectly. The shawl has drape and weight to it, but not too heavy.

Keep an eye on your yards between colour fading, You may wish to make a shawl that's small and use your extra's for small projects such as fingerless mitts, hats and headbands.

This yarn was grown by sheep living their best lives, who are cared for and raised by the Crocus Country Shepherdess in Caroline, Alberta Canada.

The fleeces are sent to Wellington Fibre Mill in Ontario for milling.

Sheep who have contributed to these yarns are a barnyard mix and representation of the whole flock's genetics. From Higher percentage Gotland bloodline to BFL and visa versa. 

Vader, Rose, Lou's Wether lamb, Mabel, Baabra, Cecil's Wether lamb, Rey's Wether lamb, Eva (lamb), Lyten (Lamb), Goatie