LMW - Maz & Rona's W - Light Worsted - 3 ply

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Fibre Content: 65% Maz & Rona's W 35% Wool
Maz is a mature Ewe, very kind and great mother. Rona's wether has honoured us with his soft wool and is nourishing the lives of others. 

Sources: Crocus Country Shepherdess in

Caroline, AB & Wellington, Ont

Approximately: 190m/208yds per 105g

Wraps Per Inch (WPI): 12 - Light Worsted

Colour: Medium Grey - A higher Gotland yarn - Where a lot of the magic of this wool happens is in it's halo. Your fabric will get poofy and soften with wear. Additional wool has been added to help with elasticity and memory.

2022 Fall Clip of Gotland/BFL cross breeds

Milled at Wellington Fibre Mill, Ontario

This yarn is a 100% Canadian traceable yarn