Blend Your Own Beginner Spinning Kit

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Blend your own. In the comments section at check out, tell me your favourite colours and whether you like bold and punchy or subtle and neutral and I'll get blending to send to you a complete surprise kit.

I will choose the fibre types for beginner learning.

This is a curated beginner spinning kit wrapped in a cotton hanky from Maiwa here in Canada. Tie your hair back, or wipe the nervous sweat from your brow. Lets get spinning!

The kit comes with a 1.7 oz top whorl spindle designed for beginners. It has a perfect balance and spins for a lengthly time. What this means is that you have more control of how long a spin you do before and during drafting fibres to allow the twist to enter. You can park and draft. (spin the spindle. Stop the spindle. Draft the fibre and un-pinch your finger to let the twist follow up the yarn. Start over)

Included is a set of a total of 25g of fibre made up into 3 rolags.

These are perfect for beginners and you don't have to worry about difficult drafting. Pull from one end and take off as little or as much as you'd like to spin at a time.

All the fibres chosen were blended to create a beginner friendly experience. Don't worry about making thick and thin yarn. Just enjoy the chance to learn and experience the joy of creating your own unique, one of a kind yarn.

All fibres have been sourced here in Canada from small farms, mills or other small Canadian fibre suppliers.